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Last Updated: Nov 29, 2016 02:48PM EST
Merit landing pages reinforce your brand standards and contain general information about your institution. Your Merit landing page also features a list of granted achievements in a timeline format.

To set up your Merit page, Log in to your Merit account, click on Settings in the menu located in the upper right corner of the Dashboard. Under Settings click Branding.


To upload your logos, click "Choose File" in the Logos form. When you have identified and selected the correct logo on your computer, click "Open." The file name will appear to the right of the "Choose File" button, if it's correct, click Update Logos. In a few seconds it will appear in the Current Logo view.

The logo you upload will be added to the achievement email notification the student receives, and will also appear in other places on 

Social Media URLs

Connect your Merit page to your institution's social media channels by entering the URL's in the designated fields, then click "Update." The live icons will appear in the social media widget on your landing pages.


Social Media Connect

You can easily share student achievement stories on your organization's Facebook or Twitter accounts after connecting them to Merit.

Merit will never automatically post an achievement to these accounts. You will be asked, in Step 4: Distribution Channels, to select a box that allows Merit to post the achievement badge and title to Facebook and Twitter.

Learn how to connect your accounts

To customize your Merit page, enter your institution's Page Colors using the appropriate hex code.

*Enter hex codes as 6 characters, omitting the leading # character. For example:

00402F - Correct
#00402 - Incorrect

  • Header is the color that appears in the header section of the page if your school does not have a header image uploaded.
  • Sidebar and Search Bar is the color that appears in the sidebar "about your school" section, in addition to the color that appears behind the search bar. It also adjusts the color of the font for the achievement titles in your achievement timeline. 
  • Background is the color that appears if there is no background image. 
  • Font is the color of the font in the sidebar on the left hand side of the page. (The "about your school" section)

You can also use photos to brand your Merit Page. When uploading images, follow these specifications: 
  • Feature photo or logo: 280w x 280h
  • Background image: Between 2200w x 1800h and 1366w x 768h

About Your School

Enter a description about your institution into the About Your School field. We recommend you enter your standard boilerplate. Note: this description must not exceed 500 words. Once you have entered your institution's standard description, click Update.

You will have the ability to edit the About Your School description as needed.

The description of your school will be used as the About Us section on your institution's Merit page.

Next, use the Keywords section to ensure that people who are searching for your school on Meritpages can find you. 
Enter in as many keywords as you think are relevant search terms.

Learn more about branding your Merit Page

Approval Workflow

Merit users with admin permissions can activate the Approval Workflow, a feature in Merit that enables schools to designate different levels of access and Permissions to Merit users.

Permissions are particularly useful when a school has a mix of student workers, office staff, and admins creating achievements in Merit. User Permissions are designed to help schools control who has the ability to publish achievements and access Settings in your Merit account.

Defining Merit Permissions
  • Admin: This user can access and modify Settings in your Merit account
  • Approver: This user can approve other Merit user's achievements
  • Needs Approval: Achievements submitted by this user must be approved

We recommend limiting the number of Admins to two. The Admin should be the point person for designating permissions to other Merit users.  

Activating the Approval Workflow

The Approval Workflow can be activated from your Merit Dashboard by going to Settings > General and  checking the "Use the approval workflow box."  You will then be presented with a list of Merit users. Take a moment to select the users that you would like to grant "Approver" permissions to.

Learn more about adjusting approval permissions

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