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Importing Students

Last Updated: Feb 23, 2017 12:09PM EST

Student Merit pages are only created when a person is ether part of an achievement that their school published or included as part of a student import.

Each semester you will want to import a list of your incoming freshmen and transfers. This will help ensure that every student at your school has a Merit page. To learn more about some best practices for welcoming new students, go here.

*Merit also offers the ability to do automated student imports. Contact Merit to learn more. 

To begin an import, hover over the Students tab inside your account and click on Import Students:

You will be taken directly into the workflow for importing students:

Note: Spreadsheets must be saved as either an .xls, .xlsx, or .csv file.

Depending upon the number of students in your file, it may take a few moments for your data to import. When the upload is complete you will see a portion of your spreadsheet  and you'll be able to map student attributes:

Note: First names, last names, emails, hometowns, and zip codes are all required.

Then just verify your student previews and map any parent emails

You can then begin to customize your message to students:

You will see {{name}} in the body of your email. This text acts as a placeholder for the student's first name. Do not alter the formatting for this field. 

Note: You may change your default welcome email at any time by going to your settings page.

You can edit the welcome letter directly from this screen or click Preview Welcome Email to see a sample of the email notifications your students will receive:

If the student email meets your approval, click Looks Good! If not, choose the Go Back option to make changes.

: Merit always provides an easy opt-out method at the bottom of every email notification.


Frequently asked questions about importing students:

What happens if I import a student that already has a page?

The student import feature will only create pages for students who are not already part of Merit. If some students in your spreadsheet already have Merit pages, they will NOT have a duplicate pages created for them. 

If you choose to send welcome emails to as part of a student import, Merit will email both new and existing students who have never signed into their pages. Students who have claimed their pages will not be contacted.

Can I use the Student Import feature to update student profiles in bulk?

Yes. A student import is the best way to add or update information about all your students at once. For example, you may need to add class years, CEEB codes, majors/minors, or parent emails to student profiles in bulk if that information wasn't already included in Merit. Just include these new or updated fields in a spreadsheet and map them upon import. 

Note: If you're using the Student Import feature to do these kinds of updates, you will want to uncheck the "Send Welcome Emails" box to avoid contacting students at the same time.

Can I save my student import as a draft?

Yes. Merit will temporarily save your student import as a draft inside your account. If you're unable to finish the process in one sitting, just visit the Achievements section of your account at a later time and click on Drafts to resume your import.



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