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Last Updated: Mar 23, 2016 12:41PM EDT
After you publish an achievement, we recommend logging into your Merit account to view your Engagement Report. Merit has robust analytics built right in, making it easy to show how you're generating measurable attention for your institution.

Achievement snapshot

In the upper right corner of your engagement report you will find an Achievement Snapshot. This powerful data summarizes your student activity as well as the activity of new audiences like family and friends. Better still, Merit automatically calculates your overall *Engagement Rate for you.

*Engagement Rate: total actions divided by total number of student achievements multiplied by 100.

Now you can easily compare performance across achievements to identify what achievements resonate with key audiences.

Social Media Engagement

Merit captures the social media actions for each achievement you publish. This data is organized in a highly consumable format. With one quick scan you can measure social sharing and audience activity in social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more.

Local Media Reach

Newspapers: The total number of newspapers that received press releases.
Postal Codes: The sum of all of the postal codes in each paper's catchment, i.e., coverage area.

You can also use the Local Media Reach panel to search and view the press release emailed to a specific paper. Type the paper name into the search field, locate the paper from the list, and click "View Release." A lightbox will appear with the press release that paper received. This feature is very useful when a paper claims they did not receive the release. You can quickly search for the release and resend it.

Share data

Merit makes it easy to share engagement reports with colleagues, leadership, and internal stakeholders that do not have a Merit account. Simply click on the email icon located in the upper left corner of your engagement report. A lightbox will appear, enter the email of the person you would like share your engagement report with. You can even add a subject line and personal message. Then click Share.


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