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What student data do I need?

Last Updated: Feb 23, 2017 11:46AM EST
Achievements are about people. Each time you publish one, you will need a list of the students who you plan to recognize. This list of students can come in a variety of forms: a spreadsheet, a list of names, or a list of email addresses.

The first time a student is added to Merit, you will need the following sets of data:

  • First Names
  • Last Names
  • Hometowns
  • Zip Codes
  • Students' Emails

If a new student is missing any of the above information (Such as an email address or postal code) they will be flagged as an invalid record. 

New students can be added in bulk (using a spreadsheet) or manually entered into Merit through either the achievement or student import workflow. If your data is in a spreadsheet, it should be formatted as either an Excel (.xls or .xlsx) or Comma Separated Values (.csv) document. Here's an example of a spreadsheet that meets the minimum requirements:

Your spreadsheet may include additional data about your students if you'd like. For example, you can additional columns for details like: 

Once students have Merit pages created (either through a student import or an achievement) you may not need a spreadsheet at all. You will be able to search for students by name or add them using just their email addresses. The information stored in their profiles will become a list for you. You'll just want to choose the "Add Student Manually" option in the achievement workflow.


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