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Social Media Engagement Analytics

Last Updated: Oct 20, 2016 10:24AM EDT
Social Media Engagement Stats

The social media engagement section of your Merit account gives you insights into the social media activity you drive as a result of publishing achievements in Merit. 

On this page you'll see hard stats, like the amount of likes and social media impressions, as well as actual social media posts. 

Stats Explained:

Social Media Actions
are the sum of the following: Facebook posts + Facebook likes  + Facebook comments  + Twitter posts  + LinkedIn posts  + LinkedIn comments  + LinkedIn likes + Tumblr posts  + Email shares.

Social Media Impressions are the sum of Twitter views + Facebook views. 

  • Twitter views is the sum of followers for Twitter users that have tweeted Merit pages content published by your school
  • Facebook views - This number can come from 2 places. It is either the number given to Merit by Facebook Domain Insights; or it is estimated by multiplying the number of Facebook posts for your school's content with the median number of friends as reported by the Pew Research Institute. *Note: Your impressions stat in Merit will be flagged with an asterisk and a note if it uses estimated stats. 

  • Posts - The amount of Facebook posts for the selected time period.
  • Likes - The amount of Facebook likes for the selected time period.
  • Comments: The amount of Facebook comments for the selected time period.

  • Tweets - The amount of recorded Tweets for the selected time period.
  • Followers - The cumulative number of Twitter followers for the Tweets in the selected time period.

  • LinkedIn - The amount of recorded LinkedIn posts for the selected time period. 
  • Tumblr - The amount of recorded Tumblr posts for the selected time period.
  • Email - The amount of email shares for the selected time period. 

Social Media Anecdotes (Posts)

The Facebook posts, Tweets, and LinkedIn posts shown on this page mostly represent public posts. Private social media posts are not collected and therefore are not shown within your account.

Understanding the multiplier:

Your social media engagement stats have a built in "multiplier" which attempts to show the average impressions that are generated from each social media action. The multiplier (i.e. 530x) is the number of social media impressions divided by social media actions. In the example below, the multiplier shows that roughly 530 social media impressions are generated for each social media action taken. 


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