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Last Updated: Oct 30, 2018 01:37PM EDT
What is Merit A.I.?

Merit A.I. is an artificial intelligence tool that helps you utilize and repurpose content from other sources outside of Merit. With the click of a few buttons, you can quickly turn that content into a Merit achievement or Newsroom press release, or post stories to student Merit pages. It just works!

Where do the stories discovered by Merit A.I. come from?

Merit A.I. discoveries come from 2 sources:

1. By Adding RSS feeds: 

Your institution is already publishing student news in a variety of locations online. Merit A.I. lets you add RSS feeds of content, such as campus news feeds, alumni news feeds, athletics, and more. 

2. From online news sources scanned by Merit A.I. 

Merit A.I. automatically scans online news sources looking for news about your institution, and if that news has names that match people in your account, you'll see these stories in your newsfeed. 

Steps for using Merit A.I.

Your Merit account is automatically configured to use Merit A.I. for scanning online news sources, but an important step is to make sure your institution is doing annual or semi annual student imports
  • Watch our webinar "Make a student import the first item on your Merit to-do list" here
  • Learn how to import your students here.

Adding RSS feeds to your account

To add RSS feeds, click on the achievements tab, then select the Merit A.I. option. On the Merit A.I. page, click the settings button, shown below:

**Please note that if you have the Merit News Clipping Module, your Merit A.I. management tools will be found on the Clipping menu, not the Achievements menu. 

Copy and paste an RSS feed into the form. After entering a feed, Merit A.I. will scan the feed you enter, analyze the stories in the feed, and will let you know if any names in those stories match up with students in your Merit database of students.  Merit AI will look at stories from the first page of the RSS feed, and pull in ones from the past three months.

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