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Merit Release Notes: May 2017

Last Updated: Sep 19, 2017 09:43AM EDT
Every week, the Merit team works hard to add exciting new features to your account and fix any bugs that pop up. This week we released some exciting new updates to Merit centered around Newsroom. For those of you who don't know, Newsroom is our new press release distribution add-on for Merit (learn more). In addition to Newsroom updates, we also made a major update to the student experience on mobile. Here's a list of notable enhancements and bug fixes:




Send a Newsroom press release to multiple distribution lists
Allows you to add more than one distribution list to a single release in Newsroom. Note: a user can use EITHER pre-built lists (which can consist of personal contacts and Merit contacts) OR manually add up to three locations.

Add RSS feed to Newsroom
Adds an RSS feed for Newsroom stories. You can find the URL of your feed on the Settings > General tab inside your account.

Allow Newsroom press releases to be copied
Allows you to make a copy of a Newsroom press release. Note that we copy the content only. We don’t copy the distribution that was used or the photo attachments.

Choose which Newsroom press releases appear on Merit
Allows you to decide if you want a Newsroom press release to be private or public. If it’s private then it will NOT be posted to your online newsroom. Note: press releases will be public by default. Uncheck the box to make it private.


 Student mobile experience 

Student Settings Enhancements
Updated the account settings user interface for a student’s Merit Page. The update makes the experience faster, more clear, and mobile friendly.


Allow users at primary accounts to login to their sub-accounts


Allows Admin users of the “main” account to login to affiliate/sub-accounts. This includes an interface to swap back and log back into their main account. Note: this only works for users with ADMIN permissions.



Notifications feature

Allows users to see direct communications from the Merit team inside their account. This content will appear on your Dashboard under the Tasks section.


Merit A.I.

Switch to the Watson Natural Language Understanding API
IBM is retiring the AlchemyAPI and directing everyone to migrate to the Watson Natural Language Understanding API instead. The new API is better at finding matches in RSS feeds.

Bug Fixes

Roster upload problems
Fixes a problem that prevented spreadsheets from being uploaded to rosters in the co-curriculars section of Merit.

Media contact information not auto-filling in Merit AI story
Fixes a problem where the media relations contact information and government relations contact information was not populated in stories created using Merit AI.

Merit A.I. processing Google Alert feeds
Fixes a problem that was preventing Merit AI from handling RSS feeds created using Google alerts.

Achievement description disappearing in workflow
Fixes a problem where a user would see a warning message saying that they needed to add a title and summary when they had in fact already added one.



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