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How does Merit reach high schools?

Last Updated: Apr 15, 2016 02:51PM EDT
While you aren't required to share student achievements with the influencers at their high schools, we always recommend doing so. Keeping high schools informed about all the great things their former students are doing at your college generates positive attention for your institution. Merit uses CEEB codes to connect colleges and universities with the influencers of college-bound students.

What's a CEEB code?

A six-digit standardized ID number that is assigned to a high school, college, or university.  The CEEB code of the high schools your students' attended are usually included in your student information system as part of their application or enrollment process.

How do I get CEEB codes?

When you request a list of students, in the form of a spreadsheet, from the Registrar's office, ask them to include a column with student CEEB codes.

How do I match the CEEB codes to students in Merit?

Map the CEEB codes in your spreadsheet when you get to the "Tell us about your spreadsheet" section of the Merit achievement workflow. 

Can a student have more than one CEEB code?

If a student went to more than one high school, college, or community college, just enter those additional CEEB codes into that student's high school CEEB column, and separate them by commas. 

*Power User Tip: Save yourself some time, add all of your students' CEEB codes to Merit, in one shot, by using the "Import Students" feature. If you decide you don't want to "Import Students" you can include CEEB codes as a column in your spreadsheets every time you publish an achievement.

See what high schools receive from Merit.


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