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Last Updated: Apr 13, 2018 11:11AM EDT
Students are the backbone of the Merit Network. Approximately 4,000,000 students have free Merit pages. When you publish a story about a student, they will receive an email letting them know that you're sharing the news about their accomplishment. 

How distribution to students works:


Sample student pages:

Shares from students on Facebook and Twitter:

Promotional material for students

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Learn more about promoting Merit to your school's Student Affairs Office

Student FAQs

Why does [COLLEGE] use Merit?
“We are committed to your success and sharing it with those who care about you. We use Merit to tell the
story of your experience at [COLLEGE NAME] via a personalized Merit page that we update with your
accomplishments. Merit helps our institution connect with stakeholders to show off great students like
you, and it helps you by enhancing your reputation online with a positive, professional online profile filled
with achievements verified by [COLLEGE NAME].

How does Merit benefit me?
Your Merit page helps people who make decisions about internships, grad school and jobs find the “good
stuff” about you and get a better picture of what you’ve done and what you’ve been recognized for.
Because your Merit page is updated by [COLLEGE NAME], it’s got credibility that a resume alone can’t
match. And better yet, it’s updated for you! It’s like a resume or a LinkedIn profile that builds itself and that
you don’t have to remember to update.

Is Merit easy to use?
Yes! It’s very easy. You’ve already received a welcome email to your [COLLEGE .EDU] email account with
your Merit username and password. Click the link in that email to sign in to your Merit page and start
personalizing it by adding a photo or bio.

How does Merit differ from LinkedIn?
Merit is a great compliment to LinkedIn! You can even connect your Merit page to your LinkedIn profile, if
you have one. A key difference is that [COLLEGE NAME] can update your Merit page for you, removing the
burden of you needing to keep it current and remember what you’ve done. When you want to share your
Merit page with potential employers or others, it’s already there and built for you! Plus, your Merit page
achievements are verified by [COLLEGE NAME] and carry our brand of approval.

Can I add to my Merit page?
You can, and you should. You can update your Merit page with additional education, activities, awards,
and work experience to your Merit page to complement the verified updates that [COLLEGE NAME]
publishes. You can even add more detail to your updates by including photos or videos that demonstrate
your involvement. The more you update your Merit page, the more compelling it becomes. It’s a way for
you and [COLLEGE NAME] to collaboratively build a record of your success and share it with people who
matter. To learn more about how to customize and update your Merit page, visit

Presenting to Students

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