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Last Updated: Sep 04, 2018 01:57PM EDT
News Clipping by Merit

Merit news clipping searches the web for relevant news articles that relate to your institution, and gives you convenient ways to process, review, and share that data. In addition to that, Merit clipping uses our exclusive A.I. technology to also search for stories about individual students at your school. 

How does Merit news clipping work?

When clipping is activated for your account, Merit automatically looks for mentions of your institution based on its name, and it also uses custom keyword phrases that are determined by you. The results are provided to you in daily news clip emails, and also in your Merit account. You will find these results on the the "Clips" tab inside your account

What are news clips?

News clips are articles and social media mentions about your school and students that were discovered online. In the clipping section of your account you'll find:
  • Stories about your school that were published online by news outlets
  • Social media mentions from Twitter and Facebook; and
  • Stories originating from your school's RSS feeds

Here's what these news clips look like inside your account:

Learn more about sorting and filtering your clips.

Viewing clips

Simply click on a clip to view it. From there you can take actions on the clip and view it online.


News clip actions
For each news clip, you have the option to:

  • Trash clip - Delete this news clip
  • Save clip - Add this clip to your Saved folder
  • Share clip - Email this clip to a colleague
  • Tag clip - Create new, or apply existing tag to clip
  • Create achievement - Add this story as an achievement to students' Merit pages
  • Create press release - Send a copy of this story to local media
  • Pin Story - Add a link to this news story to students' Merit pages

Daily news clip emails

Each day you'll receive a morning and mid-day email that summarize the recent stories discovered by Merit. Each item in the email will include the story's headline, a snippet of text, a link to the article and prompt to log into your Merit account to see more information. 

Adding RSS Feeds

Merit allows you to integrate your institution's RSS feeds into News Clipping. You can add as many feeds as you want to your account. You can repurpose the content that appears in these feeds on Merit. Because of this, you should only add feeds that your school maintains to clipping.

To view your settings and add these feeds, click on the gear icon:

Adding Keywords

When you begin with Merit, your institution's name will be automatically activated as a keyword. However, you can add more keywords and phrases to your account, expanding your results. Please note that Merit will need to review these keywords before they are activated inside your account. To view your settings and request additional keywords, click on the gear icon:

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