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Getting Started

Learn how to prepare for publishing an achievement

6 articles

Story Templates

A collection of sample stories, and ways to tackle common problems

12 articles

Publish an Achievement

A step-by-step walkthrough of Merit's achievement workflow

12 articles

Correcting Errors

How to fix a mistake in a previously sent achievement

6 articles

Merit AI

Repurpose content from your institution's internal news feeds through Merit

4 articles

Contribution Form

Set up a public form for story submission ideas

2 articles

Your Merit Network

Learn more about the content Merit sends out, and the audiences you are reaching.

8 articles

Reporting Results

View stats, interpret your results, and share your successes with colleagues

4 articles


Find the answers to Merit's most frequently asked questions

18 articles


Student Imports

Learn how to create pages for your students

6 articles

Managing Students

The ins and outs of managing student data

7 articles

The Student Experience

Here's what students see when using Merit

5 articles


Media Monitoring

Use Merit to monitor the web for news mentions of your institution

10 articles


Send general press releases to local media outlets

6 articles

Merit for Faculty

Use Merit to promote faculty accomplishments

3 articles


View and manage student clubs, activities, student groups, teams and more

5 articles


General Settings

3 articles

Email Settings

3 articles

Workflow Settings

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Merit Release Notes

Recent updates and new feature announcements

16 articles

Stakeholder Email Collector

1 article

Marketing Resources

Marketing Collateral & Resources

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