Settings: Branding

Your school's Merit page reinforces your brand standards and contains general information about your institution. Your Merit page also features all the achievements you publish in a timeline format.

To set up your Merit page, Log in to your Merit account, click on Settings in the menu located in the upper right corner of the Dashboard. Under Settings click Branding.



To upload your logo, click "Choose File" in the Logos form and upload your desired logo. The logo you upload will be added to the achievement email notification the student receives, and will also appear in other places on  

Default Social Media Image

Choose an image that will be used as a default when stories are posted to social media sites.  We'll only default to this image when your press releases, achievements, or student stories are shared in social media without any valid attachments or profile photos. 

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Social Media URLs

Connect your Merit page to your institution's social media channels by entering the URL's in the designated fields, then click "Update." The live icons will appear in the social media widget on your landing pages.

Here you can customize your Merit page to reflect your school's brand. This includes using your school's colors, custom images and introductory text.

To customize the title bar on your Merit page, enter the hex code for your institution's primary color. Hex codes include 6 characters and are alphanumeric.  For example: 00402F

To customize the background image on your institution's Merit page, upload an .jpg or .png image file. Note: This image should be between 2200w x 1800h and 1366w x 768h

To customize the logo or profile photo that appears on your institution's Merit page, upload an .jpg or .png image file.  Note: This image should be 280w x 280h

Enter a description about your institution into the About Your School field. We recommend you enter your standard boilerplate. Note: this description must not exceed 500 words. Once you have entered your institution's standard description, click Update.

The description of your school will be used as the About Us section on your institution's Merit page.

Next, use the  Keywords section to ensure that people who are searching for your school on Meritpages can find you. 
Enter in as many keywords as you think are relevant search terms.

Clicking Preview & Publish will show you a sample of your Merit page with all of the images and text you've selected. To save this page you will need to click the Publish link at the top of the preview. 


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