Engagement Report

After you publish an achievement, we recommend logging into your Merit account to view your Engagement Report. Merit has robust analytics built right in, making it easy to show how you're generating measurable attention for your institution. 

Achievement snapshot

At the top of your engagement report you will find an Achievement SnapshotHere you'll see some statistics about this achievement, including the total number of students involved, how many times your stories were viewed on Merit (total page views) and how many times your audience interacted with this achievement (total actions). 

  • Total Actions: The combined total of student emails clicked + parent emails clicked + activities added + jobs added + photos added + videos added + Facebook shares + Twitter posts + LinkedIn posts + Tumblr posts + email shares. 

Merit makes it easy to share engagement reports with colleagues, leadership, and internal stakeholders that do not have a Merit account. Clicking on the "Share" link in the upper right corner of your engagement report will open up a light box:

Social Media

Merit captures the social media actions for each achievement you publish. This data is organized in an easily consumable format. With one quick scan you can measure social sharing and audience activity in social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more:

Student Engagement 

Here you will information such as open rates, amount of first time logins, and the number of Merit page updates that occurred as a result of this achievement. 

Your engagement report also shows you the open and click-through rates for both students and parents.


  • Open Rate: The percentage of recipients who opened the achievement email
  • Click-through Rate: The percentage of recipients that followed a link in the achievement email and viewed the story online

High Schools

If this achievement was sent to high schools, Merit will provide you with a snapshot of the high schools you're connecting with. It's important to note that high schools receive digest emails on a weekly basis, so it may take a few days for them to see the email. 


If this achievement was sent to the media as press releases, Merit summarizes these deliveries in the local media section of your engagement report: 

Local Government

If this achievement was also sent to local government representatives, you'll see information about those connections at the bottom of your engagement report. 

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