Create a spreadsheet

Achievements are about people. Each time you publish one, you will need a list of the students who you plan to recognize. This list of students can come in a variety of forms: a spreadsheet, a list of names, or a list of email addresses.

The first time you add students to Merit, you will want your d
ata in an Excel (.xls or .xlsx) or Comma Separated Values (.csv) spreadsheet. You can include a variety of data in your spreadsheet, but a few sets of information are required/recommended:

Required Data:

  • First Names
  • Last Names
  • Hometowns
  • Zip Codes
  • Students' Emails

Recommended Data: 

Note: Student email addresses are the only hard requirement if you've already imported all of your students. You can use Merit's spreadsheet augmentation feature to fill in any other gaps in your data.

Here's an example of a spreadsheet with the recommended data included:

Once students have Merit pages created (either through a student import or an achievement) you may not need a spreadsheet at all. You will be able to search for students by name or add them using just their email addresses. The information stored in their profiles will become a list for you. You'll just want to choose the "Add Student Manually" option in the achievement workflow.

For more about importing students, go here

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