Merit Release Notes, Early October, 2018

We've introduced some new reporting tools and a new full page view for news clips to Merit's Media Monitoring module. 

New full page view for clips 



New Metrics for clips:

On the new clip page there are new statistics, including:

Amount of social shares for the news story

Average daily visitors for news site that the clip appeared in

Average daily page views for the news site the clip appeared in

Sentiment Analysis: We are also now including sentiment analysis for clips (positive, negative, neutral etc…)

Edit and adjust clip sentiment:

Sentiment can be edited in bulk on the inbox page, or individually per clip.

Updates to Inbox Analytics Page:

The inbox analytics page now shows clip sentiment, social share totals, and another new stat - “Top stories by reach” - which is shown over time and is configurable at the top of the page. 


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