Faculty Directory

Public Faculty Directory

The Faculty Directory page allows visitors to view, search, and filter all of your faculty profile pages. On this page visitors can:

  • Filter by department
  • Filter by title
  • Filter by expertise and interest
  • Search for faculty profiles by by name, department, or academic expertise

Internal Faculty Directory

The internal faculty directory mirrors the external one, but gives you tools to edit and manage faculty profiles. To access your internal faculty directory, go to Faculty > Browse within your Merit account. 

Filter and search faculty profiles:

  • Filter by Department
  • Filter by Title
  • Filter by Expertise and Interest
  • Filter by activities 
  • Search by name, department, or academic expertise

Manage faculty profiles:

  • Merit page: This link takes you to the faculty member's public profile on Merit
  • Opt out: Removes the faculty profile from the web and opts out them out from receiving updates from Merit.
  • Contact: Send an email to the faculty member using your default email application
  • Edit: Click to edit details about the faculty member, including name, title, expertise and interests and more. 
  • Impersonate: Allows you to impersonate a faculty member to add a profile photo, or edit other details. 


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