Send a Press Release

Video Tutorial: Send a Press Release:

Step by step instructions:

To begin writing a news release, just go to the Newsroom tab and click the Send Press Release button. You will then enter the press release workflow.

Step 1: Compose/Copy and Press Release

Copy and paste your press release headline, sub-headline (optional), media contact information, and lastly the body of your press release. 

Step 2: Add images or other attachments

Photos make press releases stand out and increase your chances of pick up. 

After attaching your images, you will select the audience for your press releases. You can choose to either build a list on the fly or use one of your previously built Newsroom distribution lists.

You can also add other types of documents, like PDFs, videos (mp4, MOV, etc...)

Step 3: Determine Distribution

While sending a press release, you can target three areas on the fly. If you need to reach a larger area, you will want to build a distribution list prior to sending your press release. 

Distribution Option 1: Build a List

Your most recently used locations will appear here for easy access, but you can enter then name of any US city or county to create a highly targeted media list. You can preview media recipients in your selected area by clicking on the "Preview List" button. Doing so will open up a pop-up window.

Distribution Option 2: Use a pre-built distribution list

Any of the distribution lists you've previously built inside your account will be available to you while sending a press release:

Step 4: Share your story on social media

You can automatically post your press release to any of the social media accounts that are linked to your school's Merit page:

Step 5: Preview your press release

You will then be able to review your story and choose when it should be released to the media. If your story matches up to any students with Merit pages you can also post the story to their personal Merit pages: 


  • Save as Draft - will move this press release to your Newsroom Drafts folder. You can then go back to it at a later time.
  • Send Immediately - will begin delivering your press releases to your chosen contacts right away
  • Schedule for Later - Allows you to release your story on a day and time of your choice

Note: Selecting the "Schedule for Later" option will open up a pop-up window to with dropdown boxes for setting the date and time that this story will be released:


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