Merit's Media Portal

Every newspaper has a free Merit account and the press releases they receive will direct them to their account. For more about the emails that newspapers receive, go hereA newspaper's Merit Media Portal page contains a robust set of features, including: 

  • A permanent record of every press release sent by Merit to that newspaper, filtered by year
  • Downloadable lists of the students included in a press release, enabling newspapers to organize student information in a way that's most useful to them. 
  • Links to the online version of the story on
  • Downloadable photo attachments (if applicable) 
  • The ability to view and correct zip code coverage information
  • The ability to view all news from institutions in their area, regardless of whether or not the story included local students. 

Each Media Portal page contains a chronological list of stories featuring students from their coverage area:

Every story can be seen in text-only format by clicking on the headline. This version of the story features only their local students. To download a full list of students in the designated coverage area, click Export as a .csv file 

Clicking View Online will open the story on the institution's Merit Page, listing only the students in the reported coverage area: From there, they can click on any student's page to view more information about them:

Problems with local coverage

To edit, add, or remove a zip code from the designated coverage area, click Report a Problem on the Media Page. This will prompt you to submit a request to our team for review. Alternatively, you can also request content from specific schools. If they're not using Merit yet, we'll do our best to get them on board.

News stories from local institutions

The News in Your Area section gives newspapers access to all of the press releases created by the schools in their backyard - even if the story didn't include mention of a local student.

For more information about free accounts for newspapers, contact Merit at


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