Filtering your news mentions

Filter your news mentions

Merit Media Monitoring gives you powerful filtering and sorting tools to view and manage your news mentions. 

You can use the filters at the top of your screen to organize your inbox by news source, tag, date range, and more. 

Available Filters:

  • Filter by news source: Find all mentions from a specific news source
  • Filter by RSS feeds: Click "My RSS Feeds" under News Sources to view only stories published in your institution's RSS feeds
  • Filter by students: Filter your news mentions by specific students
  • Filter by tag or keyword: Filter your news mentions by the tags you have added. Your custom keywords are also shown here as tags. 
  • Filter by title: Search all stories for a word or phrase that matters to you
  • Filter by date: Pick a date range to filter by date or use the predefined periods (This Week / Last Week, etc...)
  • Display only matching students: This applies Merit A.I. to your news mentions, and will only show you stories about students at your school


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