Merit Release Notes, August 2018

Improved use of "High School Name" as a placeholder in stories

We've made it easier to use the name of a student's high school within the text of your stories, so that you can easily write sentences such as:

(John) (Smith), a graduate of (Albany High School), was nominated for... etc...

In July we upgraded the spreadsheet upload process, so that you can upload a partial spreadsheet (ex. email addresses only) and then fill in the rest of the data by importing what's already stored in your Merit account. This feature let you fill in gaps in your data. Learn more about it HERE. Now, we've added high school names as one of the fields you can add. Here's how it works:

When importing your students, simply make sure to include a column for students' high school CEEB codes. These 6 digit code will automatically save their high school name to their account. When you create an achievement using a spreadsheet, just check the "High School" box to use the name of the student's high school in the body of your story. 

Media Monitoring Improvements

We've redesigned Clipping to make it easier to manage your media findings. With this new redesign, the media monitoring interface inside your account more closely resembles an email application. Here's some of the things we've added:

Folders - Organize your media clips in new, saved or deleted folders, and view archives of your Merit A.I. achievements and pinned stories.

Bulk actions - Tag, delete, save or share multiple stories at once.

For more about how Merit's media monitoring works for HERE.


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