Import your Faculty Members into Merit

Steps for Faculty Import

Importing your faculty is an essential step for getting started with your Merit Faculty account. 

By importing your faculty into Merit, you accomplish the following:

1. Create a profile page on Merit for every faculty member
2. Send faculty members a welcome email letting them know about their page and how to login (optional)
3. Create your school's public Faculty Directory 
4. Create your internal Faculty Directory

1. Prepare your spreadsheet

Faculty imports work just like student imports except that the fields "major" and "minor" are not used, and instead you should include the fields "title" and "department." Therefore your spreadsheet for the import should contain columns for the following values:

- First name*
- Last name*
- Postal code*
- City//Hometown*
- Email address*
- Title
- Department
- Suffix (i.e. PhD)

Download a sample spreadsheet here.

Note: Spreadsheets must be saved as either an .xls.xlsx, or .csv file.


2. Import your faculty spreadsheet

Start your import by going to the Faculty tab, then Imports

On the imports page, click the Faculty Import button. 

Choose your file, and click the upload file button. 

Map attributes

After uploading your file, you'll be presented with an interface for identifying the the data in your spreadsheet. 

Verify your data and click the "Looks Good" checkboxes to proceed

You can then begin to customize your message to welcome email:

Welcome Email FAQ:


  • You will see {{name}} in the body of your email. This text acts as a placeholder for the person's first name. Do not alter the formatting for this field. 
  • Note: You may change your default welcome email at any time by going to your settings page.
  • You can edit the welcome letter directly from this screen or click Preview Welcome Email to see a sample of the email notifications your students will receive:
  • Merit always provides an easy opt-out method at the bottom of every email notification.


Last step: Preview Welcome email and submit import:

Note: Imports are always reviewed by Merit before the data is uploaded to your account. 

If the email meets your approval, click Looks Good! If not, choose the Go Back option to make changes.



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