Merit Release Notes, July 2018

Add data stored in Merit to your uploaded spreadsheets

We've added a huge improvement to the student achievement workflow. You can now merge data already stored in your Merit account with the spreadsheets that you upload. This means you can easily upload spreadsheets with email address only, or "partial" spreadsheets, which are missing one of Merit's usual required fields of first name, last name, postal code, and hometown/city. 

Turn high school distribution on/off on per story basis

You can now choose to enable or disable high school distribution on a per achievement basis.

Indicate if a student is opted out when trying to add by search

We've added an improvement to the search feature that indicates if a student has opted out of Merit. 

Allow students to be found by email address on contribution form 

This feature allows students to be found in the contributor form search by entering an email address. Search by email is turned off by default, but you can enable this feature on the settings page for the contributor form. 


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