Newsroom FAQ

Who will receive my press releases?

Newsroom press releases are sent to the news desks at daily and non-daily newspapers, television and news radio stations, online publications, and news wire services. Additionally, they'll also go to any personal contacts you selected.

What will my press releases to the media look like?

Each media recipient will receive a unique email from the email address associated with your user account. Here's an example of an emailed Newsroom press release:

Note: When a news outlet receives your press release, the reply-to address will be 

What is the "from" address used to send my press releases?

The default "from" address used to send press releases is always, however you can change this by enabling Merit's whitelabeling feature. When whitelabeling is enabled, the "from" and "reply to" address will always be the email address of the Merit user account that is publishing the press release. 

Can I see where my press release was sent?

You may view your delivery report at any time to see where your press release was sent and even get the phone numbers for each recipient. 

Note: Email addresses are part of Merit's proprietary media network and are not visible in Newsroom.

Will my press releases appear on my school's Merit page?

Yes. Every school using Newsroom will have a Merit news sub-page. To view your school's press releases just add "/news" to the end of your school's Merit page. Here are a couple examples:

You can click on any press release to read the full story.

Can I cancel a sent press release?

Newsroom press releases are delivered to the media immediately after clicking "Send". There's no way to stop the emails after they've been released. However, you can cancel a Scheduled Press release by clicking on the Cancel button

How do I issue a correction?

If one of your sent press releases contained an error, don't worry. Newsroom makes it easy to correct a story and notify the media about the change.

On your Newsroom page, each story will have a "Correction" link to let you update your story right away:

When you re-enter the press release workflow, Merit will automatically add the word "Corrected:" to your headline. You can then make any necessary changes to the body of your press release, and even add a special note to the media:

You will be able to preview your revised press release and resend it immediately.

Is there a feed of my press releases?

There are multiple RSS feeds of your Newsroom press releases available inside your account. You can use these RSS feeds in any RSS reader, or embed them on your institution's website.

The content in these two feeds is identical. Both will include all of the press releases that you publish through Newsroom. The first feed will only contain a snippet of the press release but give readers an expandable link to the full story. The second feed will include the full text of your press releases. 


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