High schools

There are over 43,300 US and international high schools in the Merit network. Students become affiliated with their high schools when you include CEEB codes in your spreadsheet. You can include theses high schools as part of your audience when you create any achievement:

When you enable the Send to High Schools option in the publishing workflow, Merit will automatically send an update to each students' high school at the end of the week. They will receive a digest email that contains news about all of their alumni. 

The principals and guidance counselors at each school will get an email linking them to their school's free Merit page. These high school notifications will come from highschools@meritpages.comFrom the email they will be able to congratulate students on their successes at your school. 

Here's an example of an email sent to high schools:

High schools are able to customize their own free Merit pages. Here are a few examples of high schools that have updated their pages:  


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