Settings: User Accounts

You can add new user accounts and edit or delete existing accounts by on the User Accounts tab of your Merit settings. 


Delete a user account

Click the trash can icon to delete a user account as shown below.

Edit user account

Click on the name of a user to edit a user account as shown below. 

Add a User Account

Click the "New User Account" link as shown below. You will be redirected to a new user form. Fill out the fields, set your time zone, and decide whether the user will have Administrative permission to access Settings. 

New user account form:

User account settings


Admin user:
Can access Merit settings

Can Approve achievements: Only applies when using the Approval Workflow feature. "Approvers" have the ability to review and publish stories submitted by lower level users called "non-approvers."  Learn more

Needs Approval: Stories written by this user must be approved in order to be published. 
Learn more


Notify me when other organizations recognize my students’ accomplishments: This setting enables a feature that will send you an email when other organizations recognize your students in a Merit achievement. Examples can include honor societies that use Merit, or if the student formerly attended your school, but is now attending a different school that uses Merit. 

Send me the twice daily update of news clips found by Merit: Enables a daily email that sends Merit news clips to your account. Learn more about Merit Media Monitoring here.


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