Using content found by Merit A.I.

Review stories found by Merit A.I. 

On your Merit A.I. tab you'll see a list of all of the stories that were discovered. Management options include viewing, deleting, and sorting.

Convert stories found by Merit A.I. 

When appropriate, you can also convert Merit AI discoveries. *Content that comes from institutional RSS feeds that you've added can be converted into student achievements or press releases, or posted directly to student Merit pages. Content that comes from news media sites online can be reposted directly to student Merit pages, but cannot be reused as achievements or press releases. 

Convert Merit A.I. discovery into a Newsroom press release
Convert Merit A.I. discovery into an achievement
Post to student(s) Merit page

Create Student Achievement

Step 1: When reviewing a story, click the "Achievement" button at the bottom of the page.  

Step 2:  Merit will convert the story, and direct you to the "Send Achievement" workflow. 

The details of your story preloaded into the appropriate fields, but may need to be adjusted. 

Then simply advance through the workflow to finish publishing your achievement. 

Create Newsroom press release (if applicable)

If you've upgraded your account to include Newsroom, you can turn stories discovered by Merit AI into press releases. 

Step 1: When reviewing a story, click the "Press Release" button at the bottom of the page. 

Step 2: Merit will convert the story, and direct you to the Newsroom "Send Press Release" workflow. 

Step 3: Edit content and attachments

After conversion, you can edit your press release as necessary, and follow the usual workflow for publishing it. Fields such as "Press release headline," "Dateline," and the press release body will be automatically filled out for you. 

Step 4: Review and send press release. Merit will automatically scan the story for students at your institution, and add the stories to each student's Merit page in a section titled "In the News."

Post story to student(s) Merit page

To post a story to student Merit pages, click on the story, then click the "Post to Merit page" button. 

The story will be added to the "In the News" section of the student's Merit page.  


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