Student privacy settings

Students can control the privacy settings for their Merit account on the privacy tab in the account. 

Step 1: On the Merit page, click "account." (Must be logged in)

Step 2: In account settings, go to the privacy tab

Privacy Options:

Make my Merit page searchable - If this option is disabled, the student's page will only be viewable with a direct link to the page. Their full name will not appear on any school achievements or show up in searches anywhere on 
Allow others to follow me - If this option is disabled, the option to "follow" this student will be disabled. Learn more about "Followers" here.
Opt Out - Clicking the "Opt out" link will remove the student and their achievements from Merit and prevent future achievements about them from being created. Learn more about the opt out process here.

Email subscriptions: If checked, this prevents
 Merit to contact the student via email about new features, products and services relating to their Merit page.


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