Merit Release Notes, April 2018

We've added some requested enhancements to Newsroom and clipping, as well as some other miscellaneous enhancements for Merit. Read more below! 

Newsroom Enhancements:

Added support for multiple logos & news from for newsroom

A new feature in Merit settings allows you to upload multiple logos to be used with your press releases. When publishing a press release you can now select the appropriate logo to be used for the online version of your story. 


New field to change the "news from" for press releases

You can now override the "news from field in Newsroom press releases to say something other than the name of your organization or school


Personal Contact Management System for Newsroom

Adds a new tab for contacts in the Newsroom menu. Contacts can be manually added by typing in the provided form, or by uploading a spreadsheet of contacts. You can search for, and add these contacts to distribution lists, and you can also search for (and add) contacts on the fly when publishing a press release.

Add a separate field for email subject line for newsroom corrections

When publishing a newsroom correction, there is now a separate field  for email subject line (where we insert the word “corrected”) that differs from the web headline field.


Improved display of photos in Newsroom preview

We've improved the display of photo attachments on the press release preview for the Newsroom workflow. Photos that may have appeared cropped will no longer appear that way. 

Clipping enhancements:

Add LinkedIn posts to social media clips

Many students have LinkedIn connected to their accounts, and have enabled auto posting of their achievements to LinkedIn. We’re now showing these auto posts in the social media section of clipping. 

Other enhancements:

Add the ability for faculty members to add tags to their Merit pages

Faculty members can now add tags to their Merit page. Tags can be used to show areas of academic interest and are displayed on the sidebar of their public Merit page. 

Anchor to student's expanded story when clicking from achievement landing page

If you click on a student card on an achievement landing page, you will be anchored down to the expanded story for that student on the Merit page when you click through. Previously we just took you to the Merit page and you would have to manually scroll down to find the story in question.

​Expire student login links

The login links in student welcome emails and student achievement emails contain a link that automatically logs the student into their account. As a security measure, we now expire these links after 30 days. If a link is clicked on after 30 days, the student will be given simple instructions on how to login to their page. 

Discontinue sending temporary passwords via email

As a security measure we no longer include temporary passwords in Merit Welcome emails, sent to students when their account is created. The emails contain a secure link instead. 

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