Here you will find a variety of templates related to student commencement. Use the links below to jump to specific examples on this page:
The examples below provide a basic template to congratulate graduating students. You may edit, remove, or add content as desired.  Replace the text in RED with your school's info.  Text in [Yellow] represents personal data from your spreadsheet or list of students. 

If a student graduated with honors: Add a separate  [Honors]  column to your spreadsheet . Insert a placeholder for it after the word "graduated". If a student doesn't have data in that cell, Merit will skip it. 

If a student has two majors: Add a column called [Major 2] to your spreadsheet. Include the word "and" before the second major so that it fits whether a student has a second major or does not. For example, [Business] [and Marketing].


General graduation story

Merit Title:   [Spring 2017]  commencement

Merit Summary:  [Merit University]  congratulates more than [1,000] students who received their academic degrees on [May 4, 2017].

Graduation candidates

Merit Title: [Merit University]  to Recognize Graduates at  [Spring 2017]  Commencement

Merit Summary: [Merit University]  will recognize more than [1,000]  candidates for graduation during the College's   [Spring 2017] Commencement Ceremony on [May 4, 2017] . The [Merit University]  class of [2017] will be awarded [bachelor's and associate's]  degrees at the ceremony.


White coat

Merit Title:  [Merit University]  Students Receive White Coats

Merit Summary:  [25] students from [Merit University]  [Pharmacy] program joined the ranks of professionals following a White Coat Ceremony on [May 4, 2017] . The ceremony for the class of [2017] commemorated the formal presentation of a white coat for [Pharmacy] students as they begin working clinically with patients in hospitals and outpatient settings.



Merit Title:   [Merit University]  Pinning Ceremony Honors Nursing Graduates

Merit Summary:   [25]  nurses were recognized for c ompleting the requirements for a [Bachelor of Science]  degree in  [Nursing] degree at  [Merit University]  during ceremonies held  [May 4, 2017] .

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