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Merit stories can have images/icons associated with them. The image can be a badge, school logo, seal, or photo, and will appear on students' merit pages along with their story. It may also appear in social media channels like Facebook and LinkedIn when the story is posted there.

Here's an example of how Images are used on student pages:

Before creating an achievement you must have an Image to go along with it. Images can be either as generic or specific as you'd like. For example, your school could have Images for specific sports (Women's Volleyball, Men's Lacrosse, Track and Field, etc.), a generic catch-all sports image, or both. 

To create and manage your Images, click on the gear icon in the top right corner to go to  your Merit settings, and then go to the "Images" tab. Here you will be able to manage your existing Images and add new ones:

You may have as many Images as you need. To create a new one, click "Add an Image":

Merit offers some guidelines for creating custom sets of badge Images for your school. To learn more about them go here.

Image Settings

Image title
The image title is shown on the student's Merit page, so pick a title that represents the achievement, and is appropriate to appear on a student's Merit page. i.e. Dean's list, Study Abroad, Baseball Team etc...

Image category:
Pick a category for the image that represents what it is about. Pick the default category "achievement (other)" if nothing matches. 

How it's used in a sentence:
Here you can insert a small phrase.  Merit will insert this sentence (along with the phrase you entered) into the email notification that students receive when they are recognized for their achievements, as shown below:

For example, in the email below the phrase uses the text "an accomplishment" but it could also say:

  • "making the Dean's list"
  • "being selected for an internship"
  • "graduating"


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