Sharing an achievement from another organization

In addition to students doing great things on your campus, many of your students will be recognized by other organizations across the Merit network.

When another school or organization on the Merit network promotes your students, you can promote those students on your Merit page. There are 2 main use cases for promoting achievements through Merit: 

1. Sharing achievements from other organizations on the Merit network:

Organizations like Phi Kappa Phi use Merit to promote student inductions, grants, awards and more. If a student at your institution is inducted into Phi Kappa Phi, you'll see it on your Merit timeline and will be able to share this achievement to your own Merit page! 

2. Sharing for Community Colleges and High Schools:

If you are a community college, boarding school, or high school using Merit, you'll see the achievements of your alumni as shareable achievements on the Tasks portion of your Achievements tab. It's a great way to continue to share the successes of your alumni! 

Here's how it works:

As the Merit Network grows, you will begin to see more achievements from other institutions. These stories will appear on the  Students > Network tab inside your account: 

After clicking  Share, a light box will appear:

The shared achievement will now also appear on your school's Merit page. You can remove a shared achievement at any time:

Understanding Updates

Updates will appear on your Students > Network tab when one of your students becomes related to another school or institution. There are a few varying types of updates:

  • Roster updates: these students were imported through an athletics sub-account
  • Affiliation updates: these students were added by another school using Merit
  • Membership updates: these students became a member of an honor society or organization 

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