Academics you will find a variety of templates related to academics. Use the links below to jump to specific examples on this page:
The examples below provide a basic template to congratulate graduating students. You may edit, remove, or add content as desired.  Replace the text in RED with your school's info.  Text in  [Yellow]  represents personal data from your spreadsheet or list of students. 

Honor Society (multiple)

This template is designed to accommodate all of your school's honor societies in one achievement. The accompanying spreadsheet includes a column for the name of the honor society (Phi Kappa Phi, Beta Beta Beta, Golden Key, etc.). It can also include a descriptive paragraph for each honor society if needed.

Merit Title:   [Spring 2017]  Honor Society Inductees 

Merit Summary:  More than [100] [Merit University] students were inducted into [15] organizations on campus.
Honor Society (single)

This template is designed to recognize all of the inductees into one honor society at your school.

Merit Title:   [Spring 2017]  [Beta Beta Beta] Inductees 

Merit Summary:  [Twelve] students were inducted into the [Merit University] chapter of the [Beta Beta Beta]  Honor Society.


Merit Title:  [Merit University]  Students Awarded Scholarships

Merit Summary: [Merit University] awarded scholarships to more than [300] students for [Fall 2017].

Study Abroad

Merit Title:  [Merit University]  Students Learn Abroad in [Spring 2017]

Merit Summary:  [25] students spent the [Spring 2017] semester away from  [Merit University] j as part of the [Study Abroad Program]

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Research (Project or Presentation)

Merit Title:   [Merit University]  Students Participate in Research Opportunities

Merit Summary:   Students at  [Merit University]  will conduct research during the  [Spring 2017] semester .



Merit Title:   [Merit University]  Students Present at the [John Smith Conference]

Merit Summary:   On [May 16] , [12]  students attended the [John Smith Conference for Medical Sciences] to learn about [memory & cognition] as well as present to conference-goers .

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