Here you will find a variety of templates related to student commencement. Use the links below to jump to specific examples on this page:
The examples below provide a basic template to congratulate graduating students. You may edit, remove, or add content as desired.  Replace the text in RED with your school's info.  Text in  [Yellow]  represents personal data from your spreadsheet or list of students. 

Academic Awards (single type)

Merit Title:    [Merit University] Students Receive the [Lee Award for Academic Excellence]

Merit Summary:  [Merit University] congratulates [15] students who received the [Lee Award for Academic Excellence]. [The award is the highest honor given to graduating students in a major program.]


Academic Awards (multiple types)

In the following example, the spreadsheet that accompanies this story includes the name of the award that students earned. It can also include a column detailing the qualifications for each award. The information in the "Award Description" column should be written as a full sentence so that it can appear wherever needed in the story.

Merit Title:  [Merit University] Students Receive Academic Awards

Merit Summary:  [Merit University] presented academic awards to [32] students who displayed the highest level of achievement throughout the [2016-17] academic year.


Student of the Month

Merit Title:  [Merit University]  Student of the Month

Merit Summary: [John Smith]  has been awarded  [Merit University]  Student   of the Month honor for  [May 2017] .


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