Merit Release Notes, Early March 2018

Newsroom Enhancements

We have added some new features to Newsroom. 

Copy Distribution lists

You can now make an exact copy of any distribution list. The new list will contain all of your media contacts and personal contacts and be automatically named "Copy of: (List Name)."

Remove Newsroom releases from the web

You can now remove any press release from your online newsroom. 

Append Boilerplate

You can now easily append your boilerplate to a press release by clicking the "append boilerplate" button.

Attach students or faculty members to press releases

Merit AI already scans the content of your Newsroom press releases to see if there are any people that can be identified, but now you can attach students or faculty members manually by using a simple search. 

Add a byline to a newsroom press release

You can now add a byline (author) to any press release. Bylines appear on the online version of the press release just below the title. 


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