Whitelist Merit's IP Address

Ensure achievement notification emails reach your students!

As part of getting started with Merit, we highly recommend having your school's IT department whitelist the IP address that Merit sends emails to your students from.

The IP addresses you should whitelist are :


If whitelisting by domain, "email.meritpages.com" should be used. Additionally you can whitelist "meritpages.com."

This isn't a required task for set up, but highly recommended. If you have specific questions about this please don't hesitate to email us at help@meritpages.com or call 800.552.2194.

Known Issue - Suspected Spoofing:

Merit accounts require the user to set a "from" address which is used to contact students. This allows you to use an email address belonging to your institution, which is more likely to be opened than an email address from a third party. i.e. "studentachivements@school.edu" or "studentnews@school.edu." Emails from Merit using an email address belonging to your institution can sometimes be suspected as spoofing. 

Known Issue - Denied or Delayed Delivery

Merit will email students when they are recognized for an achievement by their institution. If the achievement contains a large number of students, we sometimes see that servers will "throttle" emails sent from Merit, meaning that a certain percentage of emails sent from Merit will be initially denied delivery. 

When this happens we attempt resending them, but this can be problematic and can affect the timeliness of emails reaching your students. We recommend configuring a whitelist that does not enforce a rate limit for emails from Merit. 

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