Using custom landing pages


What are landing pages?

Custom landing pages direct your Merit traffic to pages on your own institutional website. You can do this with both student achievements and Newsroom press releases -- driving engagement among parents, and students, media organizations, high schools, and government representatives. 

*Custom landing pages can be configured in your Merit settings and may require coordination from your website administrator. Read more about setting up landing pages here

How landing pages work

When you use a custom landing page, the story will open in a lightbox displayed on top of a page on your institutional site. The emails that you send to students, parents, government representatives and high schools will all take viewers to your chosen page. There they will see your Merit story displayed, and if they navigate away from the story, they will remain on your institutional website.    

Here's an example of what an achievement landing page looks like: 

Clicking on an individual student stories will take you to a landing page with a personalized story for that individual. Here's an example: 

Click here to see an example of a live page.

If your school does NOT use Merit's custom landing pages, achievements and Newsroom press releases will use Merit's default page view. Here's an example: 

When using Merit's default landing page, student stories will be displayed in a lightbox on top of your school's default page. 

Using a landing page

When composing a new achievement or Newsroom press release, you'll see an option to choose a landing page for that achievement. Simply use the drop down box to select one of your active landing pages. If you do not choose a custom landing page, then Merit will use a default landing page on  


To learn more about activating/setting up landing pages, go here.

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