Whitelabeling emails

Merit's whitelabeling feature allows you to ensure that the from-address used by your Merit account matches the domain that the email is coming from. This improves deliverability and helps ensure emails are not incorrectly flagged as SPAM.  

To enable whitelabeling, follow these steps:

Step 1: Get in touch with your IT Department and pick a subdomain to use

Your IT department will need to provide you with an unused subdomain that we can use for this white-label setup. We suggest using something like: merit.YOURDOMAIN.edu  as it will be most likely not in use. 

Step 2: Enter the subdomain in your Merit settings

Go to the Emails section under the  Settings tab (the gear in the corner) inside your account and enter the subdomain that you have chosen. 

Step 3:  Add CNAME records to your DNS set-up

After entering the subdomain, Merit will then generate three CNAME records that your IT department will need to add to your DNS set-up:

Step 4:  Verify setup

When your IT department confirms they've made these changes, go back into your account and click "VERIFY SETUP":

You will be alerted if there are any errors in this process.

Note: Merit will automatically verify this setup every night. If at any time it should become unverified, your from address will return to the default and customer service will contact you.

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