Recognizing accepted students

Occasionally, you may want to recognize students who haven't officially enrolled at your school. These students have likely been accepted to (or simply visited) your institution, but you can still publish stories about them. 

When an achievement includes information about students who haven't necessarily enrolled yet, you will want to use a badge with the Accepted category when crafting your story. This will add the story to their page, but won't create an affiliation with your school:

In this situation, the student will not be affiliated your institution until they earn another achievement -- for something like enrollment, dean's list, athletics, or performing arts. Alternatively, they will also gain an affiliation if they are part of a Student Import.

What if a student earns a scholarship upon acceptance?

In this situation, you should create a new image or badge and give it the  accepted category. You can create these Images/Badges from the Settings tab inside your account.

Can I search my accepted students in Merit?

No, you will not be able to locate students who do not have an affiliation with your institution inside your account. These students can only be found by visiting the achievement's public landing page. 


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