Students with multiple postal codes

It's possible that you may have more than one zip code on file for some students. A common example would be if a student's parents live in separate cities. If you have additional zip codes on file for students, you can include them in your spreadsheet uploads so that both parents' local newspapers get the press release version of their child's achievement.

To enable this feature, simply include a column in your spreadsheet with an additional set of postal codes. In this example, we've added additional postal codes and labeled the column, "Parent Zip."

*Note: you can have more than one postal code per cell in a comma-separated list.

When importing your spreadsheet, check to make sure that 
the column of additional postal codes is mapped to the "Parent Postal Codes" field as shown below. 

If your spreadsheet does not include additional postal codes for parents, you can import any postal codes previously stored in Merit. 

In the Map Student Data section of the publishing workflow, click the link that says Select Merit Data:

Ensure the checkbox for parent postal codes is checked, and click the add selected fields button to import them into your list. 


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