About the contribution form


About the Contributor Form

Your Merit contributor form allows you to invite other people at your school, such as professors, coaches, or organizers, to submit stories for your review. Your Merit administrators can then can then review, edit, publish and distribute these stories as needed. 

Contributors have a very basic type of account, and can only access a public page with a form for submitting these stories. There they can enter a brief summary about an event, activity, or any other kind of news at your school, add a photo, and add the names of all of the students who participated. Contributors add student lists by searching for their names, or uploading a spreadsheet. Contributors can also identify students by typing their email address.

*Requires approval in your contributor form settings.

Watch the video to learn more:

Setting up the contribution form and inviting contributors:

To set up your school's public contribution form, visit your Settings page, click on the Contribution Form tab and check the box to enable the form:

Approval Workflow Requirement:

If you are not using Merit's Approval Workflow, you will be required to turn it on in order to use the contributor form. The approval workflow allows you to set up designated people with Merit user accounts who act as "approvers." An approver has the ability to take the final step in publishing content, while a non-approver does not.

Learn more about the approval workflow. 

Reviewing Contributions

Contributions are shown on your Merit dashboard in the Tasks section and also in the Achievements section of your account under "Tasks." Click Review to review and edit the contribution, make any desired changes, and select additional distribution channels.

Email Notification: 

When a contributor submits a story for approval, the approver(s) at your school will also be notified of it by email.

Email notification about a new contribution:

While reviewing the contribution, you'll have more information about how to contact the contributor:

Reject a contribution for revisions

If the contribution did not meet your standards, you can reject it with instructions for the contributor. 

The person who submitted the contribution will receive an email with the instructions, with a link to the original contribution.

Your notes will also appear on the original contribution, and the form will be pre-filled out with the original information:


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