Including Student Headshots

Each student's personalized online story can have a custom photo or "headshot" to accompany it. 

To add headshots, click on the silhouette beside their name and select the appropriate file from your computer. A small preview of the photo will then replace the silhouette for that person. 

Adding headshots:

To see a larger preview of the photo, just hover over the thumbnail image. You can always replace or remove the photos you've chosen. To remove the photo, right click on the preview image and select "Remove attachment." 

Style Guide and Sizing Recommendations:

Photos that you upload using this method will be resized to 600w x 400h. In general you should follow the these guidelines:

  • Use the highest resolution photo possible. 
  • Make sure your subject is positioned appropriately within the photo
  • Avoid portrait style images, which do not crop well when they are resized to 600w x 400h

Previewing headshots:

While previewing your achievement, they will look like this:

Headshots are also included as attachments in press releases to hometown newspapers:

The online version of the student's story will include the applicable headshot:


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