Merit for Athletics [DEMO & TRAINING]

Thirty Minute Thursday :: Merit for Athletics [DEMO & BEST PRACTICES] from Merit, Inc. on Vimeo.

Tell the story of every student-athlete with Merit. 

Merit is honored to have power user, Kevin Beattie, associate athletic director for communications & compliance at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI), co-host our "Merit for Athletics" webinar. 

Kevin has one year of using Merit under his belt. He's a proven Merit champion and expert. After onboarding with Merit last summer, Kevin published 64 stories about student-athletes in less than four months and a total of 184 stories over the last year! Kevin uses Sidearm to manage RPI's athletics site and Merit to reach the greatest number of stakeholders. 

Join Kevin and Client Success Manager Jenn Connally for an informative training and best practices webinar specifically designed for sports information directors. 

Learn how Merit makes your existing efforts more meaningful by: 
-- Enhancing recruitment and engaging local communities with stories about student-athletes. 
-- Support institutional goals around building your programs brand and reputation by promoting student success. 
-- Scaling your reach just by repurposing existing content you already create and connecting it to customized audiences for each athlete. 
-- Showcase both the student and athlete to key audiences by recognizing athletes accomplishments on and off the field. 

We'll cover new Merit features for Athletics including: 
-- Rosters 
-- Editorial bypass 

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