Filling out the contribution form

The Merit contributor form lets you share stories about the people and programs that you're involved with at your school. These stories are collected on each student's personal Merit page, and can also be distributed to their hometown newspapers, family, and more. 

To submit a story about a group or program at your school, visit your school's contribution form. Contact the account administrator at your school if they haven't provided you with a direct link to your school's contribution form. If you're not sure who your Merit account administrator is, contact Merit at for assistance. 

Following the link will take you to a page that looks like this:  

Step 1 - Review your school's instructions

Your school will include instructions on what type of stories to submit, and what to expect. 


Step 2 - Identify the relevant students

Option 1: Search for students. Search for the students that you're recognizing, and add them manually. 

Option 2: Write in students. If you cannot find the students in search, you can write one in. 

Option 3: Upload a spreadsheet of students. If you have a large group of students, you can upload a spreadsheet of student names.

*Your spreadsheet must contain the students' first and last names, hometown, postal code, and email address. All information should be in separate columns. 

Step 3 - Summarize your story

Pick a topic, add a photo, and write a brief headline and summary.


Step 4 - Add your contact information and submit your story for review

After clicking Submit, your story will be sent to a representative at your school. They will be able to review and publish your story. 

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