Using the achievement calendar

Merit can help you remember when it's time to publish an important achievement. On your Achievements tab you'll see an "Achievement Calendar" on the right side of your screen. 

You can edit your calendar and reminders from the Manage Calendar screen:

Choosing to create a new calendar item will open up the following screen:

When creating a reminder, you may choose as many recipients as necessary. These people will receive up to three email reminders in the week leading up to this story's scheduled date. Emails will be sent 7 days before, 4 days before, and on the morning of the chosen date. Here's an example: 

You may edit any existing reminder: 

Note: If you click on a reminder title, you can edit that scheduled reminder. There you can mark the reminder as "Finished" if it has already been published, or "Delete" it entirely.

The "Start" / "Continue" action buttons will take you directly into the Achievement Workflow

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