Can a student have multiple email addresses?

Including multiple email addresses for students is supported by Merit and is a recommended practice, primarily because including personal email addresses improves Merit's ability to match student identities. When importing a spreadsheet, just add an additional column for personal emails to your spreadsheet. 

When you use multiple email addresses for students:

  • Merit's ability to match student identities is improved.
  • Students are able to choose which email address is their primary address.  
  • If institutional email addresses are discontinued, they won't lose access to their Merit account after graduation. 

Map additional email addresses when importing spreadsheets: 

Additional student addresses can be assigned when you map student attributes in either the achievement workflow or the Import Student workflow:

The email address field with the red star* will be the student's primary email address in Merit. The field labeled "Student Email Address 2" is the student's secondary address. 


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