Automated Student Imports

To use Merit's automated student import feature, you will need to generate a CSV file named students.csv containing the fields below.  Note, while field order is not important, field name is.  Fields must be named exactly as indicated below.

Files must be pushed to our secure Amazon S3 file drop (see below). We recommend customers set up a recurring job to generate and push this file to us periodically (no more than 1x / day) to ensure student data is kept up to date. 
Filename: students.csv
  • first: Student's first name. Required.
  • middle: Student's middle name. Optional.
  • last: Student's last name. Required.
  • city: Student's hometown city. Required.
  • state: Student's hometown state. Optional.
  • zip: Student's hometown postal code; used to match newspapers and gov't. Required.
  • email: Student's primary email address, e.g., school email. Required.
  • email2: Student's secondary email address, e.g., personal email. Optional.
  • major: Student's major; free-form field. Optional.
  • minor: Student's minor; free-form field. Optional.
  • degree: Student's degree; free-form field. Optional.
  • class_year: Student's class year; must be a four digit number; e.g., 2016. Optional.
  • ceeb_codes: Student's CEEB codes; separate multiple values with commas. Optional.
  • parent_zips: Student's parent's postal codes if different than the student's postal code; used to match parent's newspapers; separate multiple values with commas. Optional.
  • parent_emails: Student's parent's email addresses; separate multiple values with commas. Optional.
  • opt_out: Student's opt-out status; 0/1 or false/true where 0,false = opt in and 1,true = opt out. Optional.

*Note that opted out students cannot be opted in through this process.

To upload your files use the following curl command:
curl -X PUT -T SOURCE -H "Host:" -H "Content-Type: text/csv" -H "User-Agent: SECRET"<br>

SOURCE is the name of the file you are uploading
SECRET is a value generated for each customer and should not be shared
PREFIX should be set to the subdomain that you are using with Merit
**If you are ready to get started with automated student imports and have followed the instructions above, contact and a Merit representative will help you from there. 

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