Publishing an achievement

Here you will learn more about the six simple steps to publishing an achievement:

  1. Summarize your achievement
  2. Add students
  3. Write your story
  4. Add photos and video
  5. Select distribution channels
  6. Write a press release

Here's a step-by-step guide for publishing achievements in Merit. 

To begin the process, simply click the New Achievement button on your dashboard or Achievements tab. This will take you directly into the achievement workflow:


Write a title and summary, and select a landing page
The information here will help introduce your story to your audience. if possible, your summary should be no more than one or two paragraphs. Its purpose to is generically describe the achievement that these students earned. You can go into greater detail later on.
Note: Selecting an Icon/Badge is optional depending on your Merit account settings. 


Add students to your story
There are multiple ways to add students to a story. Choose either the Upload Spreadsheet or  Add Students option

Your students will show up as a list inside the workflow:

Note: When adding students through a spreadsheet, you will then need to complete the Tell us about your spreadsheet section. Here you will map fields like students' first names, last names, hometowns, zip codes and email addresses.     

You can also add any parent emails from your spreadsheet by checking the appropriate boxes.
Click Save & Continue 

Write your Merit story

The story that you write here will appear on students' Merit pages. If you don't want to write a personalized Merit story for each student, simply check the Publish badges and achievement summary only box.

As you write a personalized story, the text that is the same for every student will appear as standard text. Personalized information that comes from your list of students will appear as placeholders.   

Add your photos and video

You may add photos or videos to your story. The photos and videos chosen here will appear on each student's story.

Select your distribution channels

After writing your Merit story you will want to determine which additional audiences (if any) you'd like to reach:

Write your local press releases (optional)

Checking the Send to Hometown Newspapers box will open up the Write a Press Release workflow:

You will want to review both types of potential press releases. The first one you will see is your Group Release

Merit will send a group release to a newspaper whenever multiple students from this achievement are from that paper's coverage area.

You should then click on the "Individual Release" tab to review the information there. 

Merit will automatically deliver an individual release to a newspaper whenever just one person falls within their coverage area. 

Preview and Publish

Here you will be able to preview your story in its various forms. You will want to click the Looks Good button on each phase and then finally the Publish Now button to submit the story to Merit's editors for review.

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