Merit Release Notes, Late December 2018

Overhaul and redesign of Merit reports

We've redesigned the Reports tab in Merit to give you better insight into your success. Highlights include:
- New "card" design for each section of reports
- New overview section
- New presentation mode for reports
- New version of the email that is sent when you share a report
- Contextual help added throughout to explain you statistics
- New student actions graph
- New sections/cards for high school info, government rep info, and media monitoring info. 

New: National Higher Education Media List for Newsroom

We've added a free distribution list for Newsroom customers that allows you to send a press release to select higher education reporters nationwide. You can find this list in your distribution lists section on the Newsroom tab in your account. 


Full text version of Newsroom RSS feed

We've added a full text version of the Newsroom RSS feed. This is especially useful if you're using RSS feeds to automatically publish press releases sent through Newsroom to your institutional site. 

You can find this feed in you Merit settings. 

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