Automated Student Activity Imports

To use our automated student activity import feature, customers will need to generate two CSV files, one named activities.csv and one named rosters.csv containing the fields described below. Field/header names are ignored so fields must be ordered exactly as indicated below. 

Files must be pushed to our secure file drop. We recommend customers set up a recurring job to generate and push this file to us periodically (no more than 1x / day) to ensure student data is kept up to date.
Activity File Format
The first file contains the complete list of activities that a student can participate in at an institution. Each activity should have a unique identifier that will be referenced in the Roster File.  This file must be named  activities.csv.

  • id - A unique identifier for the activity
  • name - The name of the activity
  • description - Description of the activity
  • image - URL (including protocol) to the image/icon/logo for the activity
  • category - Category for this activity
Roster File Format

The second file contains the rosters (or list of students) for each activity. The IDs in this file must correspond to the IDs in the Activity File. A student should appear once in the file, with only one participation date per activity. This file must be named rosters.csv.  

  • activity_id - Unique identifier corresponding to the activities file.
  • email - Primary email address of the student, e.g., their school email
  • first_name - First name of the student
  • last_name - Last name of the student
  • hometown - Hometown of the student (city name)
  • zip - Hometown postal code of the student
  • email2 - Secondary email address of the student, e.g., Gmail, Yahoo, etc. This field is optional.
  • position - Position of the student in the activity e.g., Captain, Treasurer, President, etc. This field is optional.
  • date - Date of participation in the activity. This must be formatted as YYYY-MM-DD.

Uploading Files

Please contact Customer Support or your CSM to obtain a token and URL for uploading your student activity files. 
  • This process does not create new Merit accounts. If the student does not have a Merit account then they will be skipped in the import. 
  • Multiple participation dates for activities are not supported at this time. Our recommendation is to use the student's most recent participation date. 

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