Media Monitoring Analytics for Social Media

Media monitoring analytics for social media are available by going to the Mentions menu, and then selecting Analytics in the social media section of the menu.


For explanations of each section of your media monitoring analytics, click on the links below:

Posts by date graph

The posts by date graph gives you a visual depiction of social media posts that have been determined to contain your account's predetermined media monitoring keywords over time. The graph sums up posts from Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn 

The graph can be manipulated by selecting and deselecting keywords, changing the date range filter, clicking on account names (social media handle), or by clicking on account types (Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn).

Merit Keyword: In addition to your predetermined account keywords, you'll also see a special keyword called "Merit." This keyword represents a social media post on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn that contains a link to your content on

Page filters

  • Accounts: Filters the analytics page by a particular social media account
  • Sites: Filters the analytics page by social media platform. (Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn)
  • Date range: Filters the analytics page by date 

*Selecting the "include trashed?" checkbox will include social media mentions that have been trashed (deleted) from your inbox.

Top Accounts

This table shows the social media accounts that have the highest number of posts containing your account's keywords in descending order.

Social media platforms

The graph shows the amount of social media posts containing your account's keywords across social media platforms for the date range that has been selected for the page. 

Posts Table

This table shows you a list of all of the social media posts containing your account keywords for the date range selected for the page. You can download a .csv file of all the posts by clicking on the button below the table. 

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